A Walk To Remember is firstly a novel written by Nicholas Sparks. Those who love 'love stories', Nicholas Sparks' novels are always highly admired by them. Even those who don't, if they ever read his novels, I'm 99% sure that will start to love them too ! Later, in 2002,A Walk To Remember is adapted in the film of the same name.

Though there are many differences between the movie and the novel, both of them are nice to me. But I'm confused which is better.

 Comparisons to NovelEdit

The novel and movie has some differences to them. Here are the list of differences.

1. In the movie, Landon asked Jamie to tutor him. In the novel however, Landon asks Jamie to homecoming due to him not having a date.

2. In the movie, Landon was in trouble and was forced to work in the play and help kids who needed tutoring. In the novel, Landon chose to be in drama and was requested by Jamie to do the play.

3. In the movie, Landon mocks Jamie at school and rejects her offer for tutoring. But in the novel, Landon yells at Jamie.

4. In the movie, Landon sat on Jamie's porch as he proposed to her. In the novel, Jamie was in bed, to sick to move, when Landon proposed to her.

5. In the novel, the play was entitled The Christmas Angel which is written by Hegbert Sullivan. In the film, the play was entitled Thornton's Way.

6. The orphanage was not present in the film. In the novel, the orphanage was present.

7. The film takes place in 21'st century (around 2000). The novel takes place in 1958.

8. In the novel, Jamie is a blonde with a blue soft eyes, while in the movie she's a brunette with brown eyes.

The CharactersEdit

Some characters in the novel are not mentioned in the movie and some new characters are created there which are not mentioned in the novel.


  • Jamie Sullivan is the daughter of the Beaufort church minister Hegbert Sullivan. She has leukemia. Jamie is also Landon's wife. She is very religious, sweet, and kind.
  • Landon Carter is a son of a rich family, the narrator of the novel, and the husband of Jamie.
  • Hegbert Sullivan is Jamie's father. He is the Beaufort church minister. His wife died shortly after giving birth to Jamie. He is very old with "translucent skin"; he is often crabby but his daughter describes him as having "a good sense of humor." He wrote the local play, The Christmas Angel but he maintains a strong dislike for Mr. Carter due to his father's choices.
  • Mrs. Carter is the mother of Landon Carter. "She [is] a nice lady, sweet and gentle."
  • Mr. Carter is the father of Landon Carter. He is a congressman in North Carolina and is gone nine months out of the year because he lives in Washington D.C. .
  • Angela Clark is the first girlfriend of Landon and then begins dating Lew.
  • Carey Denison is the treasurer at Landon's high school as well as a tuba player. He is unproportional, with short arms, a large stomach, and a squeaky voice.
  • Lew is Angela Clark's boyfriend, who "is twenty years old and works as a mechanic" and "always wears a white T-shirt with a pack of Camels folded into the sleeve."
  • Miss Garber is the drama teacher at Landon's high-school. "She [is] big, at least 6'2," with flaming red hair and pale skin that [shows] her freckles well into her forties." Her favorite word is marvelous.
  • Eric Hunter is Landon's best friend, who does more making fun, than being an actual friend.The popular jock at school, he starts out very crude, but when tragedy strikes his long time friend, he shows that he is sympathetic.
  • Eddie Jones is not well liked by the drama department. He was scheduled to play the main character in the play, but is demoted to the "bum" when Landon steps in. He is extremely apathetic.
  • Jamie's dead mother is a minor role. Described as "a wispy little thing," she died while giving birth to Jamie, and is greatly missed by Hegbert and Jamie.
  • Margaret, a cheerleader, is Eric's girlfriend.


  • Landon Rollins Carter
  • Jamie Elizabeth Sullivan-Carter
  • Reverend Hegbert Sullivan
  • Cgm ynthia Carter
  • Belinda
  • Dean
  • Eric
  • Tracy
  • Dr. Carter
  • Walker
  • Clay Gephardt

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